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November 26th, 2014


At Fishing adventures we have a comprehensive knowledge of the destinations, expectations, culture and requirements of our customers, this enables us to offer a customized selection of travel options, as well as tailor-made tours at fair prices, aimed at our target groups and at wholesaler profiles. We strive to make each Costa Rica trip an exceptional experience and, above all, to exceed our clients’ expectations.  

Our services are characterized by great flexibility and creativity in designing itineraries according to each client’s budget and preferences, taking into account any special requirements they may have.

A constant observation and evaluation of the trends within our core markets is paramount for fishing adventures, as is the permanent and significant quality evaluation of our facilitating companies and of our own services.

Giving the best to achieve unmatched results for our clients' satisfaction is priority for everyone at fishing adventures. We aspire to deliver outstanding quality in everything we do and are committed to provide exceptional, personalized service every day.

Putting heart and mind in planning our travel programs! We are committed to designing and organizing memorable, tailor-made travel experiences which exceed our clients' expectations.

Conducting our business with the highest ethical and moral standards, adhering to the principles of fairness and honesty. Giving due respect to people, whether they are team members or customers.

If you are looking for a 100% safe, fully insured vacation in Costa Rica, you have to look no more, here at Fishing Adventures not only we offer safeness and tranquility but we also offer a crew of expert fisherman that will take you where the real big fish are, we have fully equipped boats and have been delivering the best customer service in the area for years.

We are committed to our customers and that is the reason for them to always leave saying “pura vida Costa Rica”, making the promise of coming back.

If you want to have a unique experience in Costa Rica, whether in the ocean or the mountains, don’t hesitate to contact Fishing Adventures, we have a large team to help you plan a wonderful vacation for the whole family.

This is a little of who we are

Fishing Adventures is a very humble company. The beginning was difficult for the fact that everyone in the family were working hard as there was not enough resources to change lives. But after a prolonged effort and sacrifice, the first boat was bought and then we realized how tourism is important in Costa Rica. A customer needs services that offer them with value for money and we respect their choices. Therefore, we work hard to ensure the comfort of our visitors. It is important to note if our clients are enjoying their stay with us. We thank our clients for their trust and recognition and thereby spreading the message of our services and appreciating us on a daily basis. This motivates us to enhance our growth and promote tourism. At Fishing Adventures, we proudly await you with open hands and welcome friends from every nook and corner of the world.

Our company started on early 2008, we began with a small boat that complied with the necessary requirements and day after day we started having more satisfied clients so we decided to change and give our best efforts so we could have a more sophisticated boat so our clients would be even happier with our service. Since day one we have provided a high quality service, we strive to get better every day and the fuel to that is our satisfied and happy customers.



We have the latest technology and certified personnel with great knowledge in the area so we can provide you with the most awesome adventure. Our service is covered with all the necessary insurance and permits authorized by the National Registry. Our fleet has a lot of experience in commonly practiced sport fishing like bottom fishing, trolling and draggin live bait and we make sure you have a 100% safe adventure. We are committed to offering a day full of adrenaline with any of our tours.

We are always happy to receive tourists from all over the world making our company shine over the others thanks to our excellent location at Coco Beach, home of Costa Rica Fishing Adventures.

Our pride, the Fishing Adventures made in the US is unique in style and safety features and is tested before going on tour, we can arrange full adrenaline tours or quiet rides for those who would like to fish and relax a little.

We offer you transportation services to the departure location and if you can’t make it by boat land transportation is provided as a special unique service to our clients.

Our company has grown popular thanks to its reports and customer recommendations; we strive to provide the best customer service so we can make sure our clients have a great time.

The team at Costa Rica Fishing Adventures appreciates your support and we thank you for visiting.

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