Adventure in Costa Rica

July 14th, 2012

For this new Adventure in Costa Rica we went on a half day fishing tour, departed from Riu Hotel in Guanacaste with Mr. Bryan and friends; they were looking forward to have some adrenaline rush, the fishing was going slow in the early morning but things started changing at around 10:00am, we were switching fishing tactics and next thing we know we were reeling in something big, when we finally had this fish on board we were pretty surprised about it, turned out it was a huge Mahi-mahi that weighed 13 pounds, you could see the happiness on everyone’s face aboard the Ruler of the Sea.

After the victory against the Mahi-mahi our adventurous clients managed to pull a couple of jurel fish and a tuna fish being this the end of a great day.

Mr. Bryan had never gone fishing before and he was so happy with this half day tour that he called us the other day to go on a new journey, so we took off again and had a blast as well!

Those were two interesting days let me tell you that and Mr. Bryan can second that any time you ask him, he even said he would recommend us to all of his friends and was real thankful for this days of adventure in Costa Rica.

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