Barracuda Fish

December 19th, 2012

A huge Barracuda Fish surprised us at our latest and amazing adventure, it was on another half day fishing trip with Mr. Oliver Gooden and wife; we picked them up at Allegro Papagayo Hotel at 6 in the morning. Mr. Oliver wanted to go for something easy and not too big since it was his first fishing trip ever; we knew that the chances of fishing something big were still somewhat high, because of the bait we carry.

At 8:00am we started the fun with a tuna fish, this got everyone a little exited of course so we kept searching for more fish to catch and at around 9:00am we got real surprised when we started fighting against something really big, after a long fight we were finally able to bring it on deck, it turned out to be a 55 pounder barracuda fish, this thing was around 4 meters long and no one could believe this was happening, it's a good thing they wanted to go for something small huh!

A Barracuda Fish is a great species, they provide such a good fight and their white meat is of a very high level, our clients were definitely not expecting this at all, they even told us this was one of the best experiences they've had in Costa Rica and that they would remember this as a great adventure and assured us they will come back to go fishing with Fishing Adventures, maybe they want another Barracuda Fish experience!

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