Bring in the Rooster Fish

June 24th, 2012

We picked up our clients and departed from Four Seasons Hotel, this time we got to hang out with a married couple and they were really looking forward to having a good time, we started at 7 in the morning, everyone was in such a good mood and by 9:00am we were 10 miles off shore looking to get a Mahi-mahi or a Rooster fish, after a lot of hard work from everyone in the boat we got the first one, a jurel fish that was highly appreciated by our clients since it put up a 15 minute fight , this was around 9:30am.


After a while we got around a most expected Rooster fish that, although a small one, it was very impressive because of its color and its unique nature, by this time we were all happy thinking we got lucky since it was so early in the morning not knowing a mahi-mahi and a black tuna fish were coming.

At noon we were enjoying of a perfect adventure that was just half way through since we still had 5 hours to go on this fun and exiting day of adventures tour, we took off to the beach so everyone could have lunch, our clients wanted to taste what they had reeled in earlier, a grilled mahi-mahi that has a very exquisite flavor without the need of many spices or extra ingredients. We took a little break and back to the water, sailing for a while to at the end experience a beautiful sunset that was the ending of an awesome day; sad at the same time because no one wanted it to end, we had a lot of fun and everything ended like a big family hoping to see each other next year, another group of clients that ended up becoming our friends.



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