Catch and Release

August 4th, 2013

Looking for a catch and release record winner fish? Let’s find it together!

And that’s exactly what Mr. Petrossian was looking for, when this experienced fisher man called us, he wasn’t just looking for some fun, he was looking for real deep water fishing and a day full of challenge, we must say that he came to the right place.

At 09:00 a.m. sharp the “Ruler of the sea” was already in place, we were at “Bajo Negro Papagayo” known by locals and foreigners to be one of the best sport fishing spots in the Guanacaste area, so the action began.

Not long after getting there we started trying out some trawling techniques for secure catches, but soon enough we came to realize that it was not necessary, Mr. Petrossian is a legit world level champion when it comes to catch and release techniques, we’re not saying it was easy, our team and new friend had to put lots of work, fighting and effort into making a good day catch, and I have to say that 18 nice and large Wahoo’s and 6 big sized Mahi-Mahis it’s what I call a very good day’s catch!

The catch and release technique it’s commonly known for being a recreational activity, here at Fishing Adventures Costa Rica we understand that, and know that if you would like to take the tour on a merely recreational basis we will be more than happy to take you out for a great sports trip, but if you are a professional and want to take it to the next level, remember that we have the boat, the gear and the expertise to make it happen.

So remember, it can be a sports fishing trip, it can be a day out in the sea fishing with the family and folks, it can be catch and release, or it can be whatever kind of sea fishing that you like, you just name it and here at Fishing Adventures Costa Rica we guarantee you will be as happy as Mr. Pettrossian, who said “...All of these hours of adrenaline, fighting and suspense, sure made this the best tour I’ve made in Costa Rica so far, I’ll be back guys...” and we will be waiting!

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