Coco Beach Fishing

November 22nd, 2012

We went on a sunset and boat tour on November 18; this was more of a family trip with Mr. Rock, his daughter Sonia and friends, they were on vacation at Coco Beach and were staying at Coco Sunset Hills. They wanted to take a boat tour and experience the sunset at the end of the day, the afternoon was just wonderful and exiting.


We threw some bait out in the water and started waiting to see some results; at around 4:30pm our clients started fighting against something that turned out to be a mackerel fish, 6.6lbs of adrenaline to 20 minutes later having to restart the fight this time against an 8.8lbs Jack fish, this was another unforgettable journey in the great waters of the pacific ocean in Costa Rica; at the end of the day we returned back to Coco Sunset Hills to conclude another story depicting how amazing fishing in Costa Rica can be!

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