Costa Rica Fishing

August 28th, 2013

“...Not only this was a real last minute call, it was a dream come true and the best way to say good bye to Costa Rica...” they said! Staying at Riu Guanacaste, the Villelli family was looking for a last day Costa Rica fishing tour with only one day in advance, with such short notice they thought they wouldn’t be able to find anyone who would take them out on a real fishing trip and, of course, at a reasonable price, but they didn’t know this was their lucky day, the Estrella de Mar charter and our team of experimented sailors were ready to take them out on a trip they would never forget.

Leaving the coast at 7 a.m. sharp, as we always do, we headed out to the sea looking to spend a day full of fun and adventure, hoping to find the one spot where the big boys are, and guess what, we did! Needless to say, our new friends who, by the way, are a very experimented fishing family, had to put lots of work and effort to be able to bring some big size Sailfish out of the water, but finally and after lots of trouble they were able to catch three of them!!!, with no less work they were able to bring 5 Mahi-mahis on board; they were really excited and pleased because not only they got the Costa Rica fishing tour they wanted but they were also in hands of a very professional team.

Our new friends were so happy with the fishing tour they promised to come back and look for us again, as they say and I quote: “...It is hard to believe that you guys fulfilled all of our needs in such short notice, lots of our friends would love to do a real Costa Rica fishing tour, we will let them know and definitely come back...”, we will be waiting for you!

Another great story, make sure to contact us if you would like to experience the best Costa Rica fishing adventure!

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