Deep sea fishing

October 23rd, 2013

It was early on a sunny Monday morning by the end of October when we picked up our brand new friends at the shore, they were staying at Hotel Bosque del mar, Hermosa Beach, and we were ready to go out on a nice deep sea fishing tour that had been booked with many days in advance.

When Ms. Geraldine Zelenick first got in touch with us she let us know right ahead that she was serious about this deep sea fishing tour, she said she ended up contacting our company after doing lots of research and after seeing our good records she didn't need to look no more, no need to say but those words put a big pressure on us, but at the same time they made us feel very proud and happy; we let her know that there was nothing for her to be worried about, she had just dialed the right number, we have the right crew, the right gear, excellent knowledge and of course the best attitude, we were all set.

And so we sailed… Our new friends on board told us they were sport fishing aficionados, but if they are aficionados they have to be on a real high level, we saw 15 and even 20 minute fights with some large Mahi-mahi's and big wahoo fish, this deep sea fishing tour that lasted for two days was really intense and productive, that's what you get when you combine the best crew with the best deep sea fishing lovers.

At the end of the second day our new friends joined the extensive list of happy Fishing Adventures Costa Rican costumers, they said they were amazed with the beautiful panoramas, the beauty of the sea and the lovely fish they were able to catch, and they even said this trip was the highlight of their Costa Rican vacation. Thank you guys, we will be waiting for your next vacation!

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