Extreme Fishing

February 11th, 2013

On February 1 in Coco Beach we enjoyed a day of extreme fishing with Mr. Pier and his friends Dan and Rene, all visiting us from Canada, they are very renowned for their liking to the sport fishing, they booked many days in anticipation because they wanted to have an unforgettable experience in Costa Rica. They stayed at the Coco Beach Hotel and wanted to enjoy extreme fishing, which they did very effectively, even though we went through trouble with the weather, the strong wind and waves were surpassed by the teamwork. The first catches were Tunas and Jurels followed by a beautiful Mackerel and a gigantic Rosters Fish of 15 kilograms, this latter went very interesting because it fought for approximately 10 minutes. As is characteristic of sport fishing the fish were released after their capture, ending a happy day of fishing. Mr. Pier was very grateful with the team of Fishing Adventures for allowing them catch the fish that they wanted, and cataloged our services as high-level services. This extreme fishing was something to remember!



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