Fish and Relax

September 10th, 2012

We started out on a magnificent late afternoon with Mr. Jack and his wife Neomi, we went for them at Villas Sol in Guanacaste, they wanted to go on a Sunset Tour, the weather was awesome as always and they were looking forward to fish and relax a little; the ride was calm and peaceful and we were all enjoying a cool fresh sea breeze.

Mr. Jack and wife were admiring the area, they know this is the perfect place to relax and said that if they got to fish something it would be a great plus, we knew that this time of the day comes handy when fishing and were confident that most likely we would get something on the deck.


We were visiting some nearby beaches, exploring the area and by 3:00pm we felt something bit the bait, it was time to start the fight, after a lot of hard work we had in our possession a beautiful 4 kilogram Mackerel Fish. That settled it, our clients had some time to relax and they had a fish on board, their request had been fulfilled so it was time to relax some more by admiring the beautiful sunset.

They qualified Costa Rica as a wonderful place for vacations and were hoping to come back soon with their family.


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