Fishing Excursion

July 25th, 2013

Our first fishing report for July was a fishing excursion reserved by Mr. Cody Eardley who had a group of 16 students from the US, after we picked them up, we started sailing away looking for some fish on both boats, the Ruler of the Sea and the Estrella del Mar, the fish started picking and soon enough we were reeling in our trophies, next thing we knew we had 4 sailfish, 12 Mahi-mahis, some black tuna (that was more than a fish per person) and all of this was before noon!

After all of the hard work that is fishing, we looked for a nice beach to go for our buffet style lunch, which was prepared by the Fishing Adventures crew; all of the students were surprised about having for lunch what they had caught earlier during the fishing excursion, we waited a while after lunch and then off to the ocean again, we sailed away for a while admiring the beautiful views of the Gulf of Papagayo and then everybody jumped in the water to do some snorkeling, looking for life underwater, exploring the ocean and playing in the open waters.

We finished this fishing excursion with a beautiful and well awaited sunset, all of these kids were blown away with the adventure they had experienced and we had very interesting feedback from them, some of them said this had been the best vacation they ever had while others were saying they will come back with their future families to experience this adventure again someday.

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