Fishing in Papagayo

July 6th, 2012

Papagayo is known worldwide, a big number of fishing aficionados come to Costa Rica because of Papagayo’s attractions, here you can practice sport fishing all year round, you can stay at any of the area hotels right next to the pacific ocean, go on a natural reserve tour, experience the marine and terrestrial nature, visit many of the white sand beaches across the entire area of Guanacaste and an endless sea of crystalline water, all great qualities near to hotels like Occidental Grand Papagayo Hotel, Andaz Peninsula Papagayo, Allegro Papagayo, Secrets Papagayo Resort & Spa, Exclusive Resort Península Papagayo, Four Seasons Papagayo, Villas Sol and Riu Guanacaste with some of the cleanest beaches in the area and lots of vegetation surrounding them making the perfect mix for both a relaxing family vacation or an adventure full of adrenaline and excitement. The Papagayo area is located in the north side of Costa Rica, it has an outstanding weather in both winter and summer; making it special for tours or engaging in activities aimed at letting people explore the natural wonders that surround us like the National Parks that protect all of the local species. Papagayo is known for its shopping centers and the variety of safe fun activities for adults and children like canopy, horseback riding, ATV Tours and many other activities that let you explore Costa Rica with Fishing Adventures.

Why should you choose fishing in gulf of papagayo over other Costa Rica fishing companies? Trip Advisor and customer Testimonials speak for themselves. You can get personalized service from your first call from us. We listen to what your requirements are and provide the top boats and crews for your requirements. We are happy to answer all your queries and doubts regarding your accommodation, transfer, tour questions and all. We own, operate and represent the best boats and crews available here in papagayo both past and present. We represent boats and crews in so many areas of Papagayo. This allows us to offer you the best opportunity to catch wide range of different fish species throughout the year. We will also advise you about the best timing and best areas to catch fishes.

The Pacific Sailfish is most abundant here. They are the most released species. You will be able to test it yourself against the speed and the aggression of all three types of Marlin; Blue, Black.

Big Dorado schools aren't uncommon when fishing papagayo waters. And that is without even mentioning Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Roosterfish and giant Snook. Even the most experienced of anglers love the challenge of catching a Roosterfish or giant Snook when fishing in papagayo waters. You will definitely feel like you have had a successful fishing trip if you manage to catch one of these. Readers and Reviewers of Trip Advisor have continually given us Top Ratings and we have achieved Awards of Excellence for the Service that we provide to all of our clients from your very first inquiry with us. We provide full vacation packages, transfers, accommodations, world renowned fishing and an abundance of adventure tours that are available in all areas of papagayo.



The experience of fishing in papagayo is enhanced by the beautiful backdrop and the stunning water. Not only is the water gentle but it is crystal clear too which is a perfect combination. The display of stunning scenery is also remarkable as well. From luscious rainforests to exquisite white beaches; there is a lot to love about where fishing papagayo is situated. Dolphins, sea turtles and whales are also abundant. What could be more perfect? You get to enjoy an exciting and thrilling fishing adventure along with a simply magical background.

But though the views are dreamlike, still you must remain safe at these places. Hence, your safety and your experience is our top priority. We are only concerned with making sure you have the best papagayo fishing excursion that is imaginable. That is why we employ the very best professionals for your assistance. Our local fishing crews are trained and have extensive experience to boast. They know the fishing papagayo waters like the back of their hand. If that wasn't enough, we are also delighted to announce that we have extended our range of charters for fishing papagayo waters this year too. There is no one better to provide you with the best papagayo Costa Rica fishing excursion, no matter whether you have never fished before or you have been a keen angler all your life.

Well we are extremely passionate about what we do. We love fishing in papagayo and we want you to feel the same way too. We go to great lengths to ensure the experience exceeds your expectations.

What can you expect when you go fishing in papagayo with papagayo Fishing Charters? Well, the day starts bright and early at 6 a.m. This is the time when the boats leave.

The boat will be stocked with everything from lunch to snacks, from fresh fruits to soft drinks to even ice cold beer - you won't be short of tasty delights to enjoy whilst enjoying the fishing experience here! Typically we are fishing between 10 to 25 miles offshore.

If you are still not convinced that our papagayo Costa Rica fishing experience is the best one for you, then maybe you will once hear that papagayo Fishing Charters are the proud supporters of the Offshore World Championship.

Fishing in Papagayo is an incredible experience – not only is it one of the best spots in the beautiful land of Costa Rica, but in the entire world.
Papagayo fishing gives everyone a chance to have a go at catching all manner of fish – from beginners and novices to professionals and regular fishermen and women, there is sure to be something for everyone, whatever it is that they are looking for.
When it comes to actually searching for the fish, there are a whole range of different species on offer for people to have a go at catching. One of the most common fish found when it comes to Papagayo fishing is Sailfish. These can be found all around the waters of Costa Rica, and throughout the entire year, although the period from December through to May is usually considered to be the best. The sailfish often draws comparisons to swordfish and other marlins due to its elongated bill.

Another fish commonly found around the waters of Papagayo and the rest of Costa Rica is marlin. Known for their speed and aggression, all three main types of marlin – blue, black and striped, can be found in this area.
In terms of slightly more exotic fish that people might be looking to catch during their fishing trip. The likes of “wahoo” or “roosterfish” are also found in the Papagayo area. Although large schools of wahoo are known to move into Costa Rican waters and stay throughout the December period, the biggest catches are often in May and June. Seen as something of a “prize game fish”, the wahoo is renowned for its speed and high quality flesh by sports fishermen. The wahoo is a species of fish that is found in a number of tropical and subtropical locations, but there is nowhere better than Costa Rica for someone to have a go at catching one for themselves!
Pitting oneself against a roosterfish can be a tough challenge – if someone manages to catch one, they can most certainly look back on their Costa Rican fishing trip as a success, as a roosterfish can reach almost six feet in length.

Although these fish and more are available for people to try and catch in Costa Rica and the Papagayo fishing region in particular, there are a number of other factors that people must consider before they decide when and where to fish, and what to fish for. Different fish can be found more readily in different areas, while different times of the year can see different fish in the waters. Even the moon can have an effect on the fish – it is worth doing your research beforehand to make sure you can find whatever it is that you are looking for.

Papagayo Costa Rica fishing is often described as one of the best in the world. From the variation of fish on offer, to the stunning setting, to the vibrant town of Papagayo itself; this is the complete fishing vacation. However, to ensure that your Papagayo fishing holiday is the best it can possibly be, you must carefully consider when in the year you are going to visit.



So, let’s delve a little bit deeper. September and October are generally considered the worst months to visit Costa Rica’s north Pacific when compared with the rest of the year. It is not all doom and gloom. You can experience some decent dorado and roosterfish fishing. However, you would be better off going during a different month if you want to really make the most of what fishing in Papagayo has to offer.

In fact, if you can wait a few months until after the Christmas period you can give yourself a lovely New Year’s fishing trip. This is because January and February are widely considered the best two months in papagayo for all types of fishing. These two months are excellent for all of the following; blue marlin, black marlin, roosterfish, wahoo, snapper, dorado, yellowfin tuna and sailfish. 



Papagayo Costa Rica fishing is extremely popular for a number of different reasons. One of the main reasons why the vibrant town has become the go-to place for anglers is because of the diverse selection of fish found in the papagayo fishing waters. From Marlin, to Dorado, to Roosterfish; you won’t be short of options. One species which a lot of people look forward to testing their wits against is Sailfish. This post will provide you with information regarding this type of fish and some top tips for hooking sailfish whilst fishing in Papagayo.

Sailfish are a good choice for novice anglers because they aren’t too difficult to catch. You will find them in their plentiful during peak season in Costa Rica. They have become a popular catch because of the spectacular show they put on once they have been hooked. From one of the Papagayo boats you have hired you will be able to see them jumping around repeatedly. Not only is this extremely entertaining to watch, but it is one of the reasons why they are such an easy catch. Their display tires them out and thus they don’t tend to have the strength to fight back. Nonetheless, this certainly does not make the catch a boring one, and consequently a lot of people love fishing for Sailfish.



If you search online for the best fishing destination in the world you will be met with an array of opinions. However, one thing most anglers will agree on is that papagayo is one of the finest – and this is something that more and more people seem to be realising. With every year that passes by we have more people booking one of our papagayo Costa Rica fishing packages. Our clients are diverse – from experienced anglers to those who are looking to experience fishing for the very first time. But, what is it about fishing in papagayo that they love so much? Let’s find out…

The opportunity to hook various different types of fish
There is only one place to begin and this is with the diversity papagayo has to offer. papagayo fishing waters are filled to the brim with everything from Marlin and Roosterfish, to Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna, to Sailfish and Red Snapper. The options are well and truly endless. This makes papagayo attractive because it ensures there is a challenge to suit all. You can test yourself against speed and strength when you hop on one of our papagayo boats. Thus, you can rest assured that there is no chance of you ever getting bored!

No limitations on when you can go fishing
Secondly, one of the main reasons why fishing in papagayo is booming in popularity is because it offers the opportunity to enjoy fishing all year round. It doesn’t matter whether it is November, February or July – you can still experience the thrill of fishing in this popular location. There are not many destinations that actually offer this opportunity. Yet, if you go to papagayo you don’t have to be picky regarding the time you visit the area. You can go when is convenient for you. This also gives you the opportunity to find cheap holiday deals as well.

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