Fishing Mackerel

December 22nd, 2012

On December 7th we went on a half day fishing tour with Mr. René Gallant, a big sport fishing fan who visits Costa Rica year after year to enjoy the adventure; he always comes with a challenge and this time he was looking for a big Rooster Fish or go Fishing Mackerel and even though things were going slow at the beginning and there were other people fishing around us, we were able to find them, those others around us were pretty amazed at the size of the fish we captured.

The fishing was catalogued as a reconnaissance and experienced fishing by Mr. Gallant; thanks to the crew that fought all the way to end to accomplish his mission, he has always trusted in our work all the way back to his first visit to Costa Rica, he came looking for a company with experience, he didn’t want luxuries nor technology, he wanted knowledge and even thought we have great equipment he was very pleased to find that we know the area big time! We’ve gone fishing Mackerel, Roosters, Mahi-mahi, Sailfish and many others basing our luck on pure knowledge and experience in the area and some experienced people appreciate that a lot and that was the case with Mr. Gallant who was very pleased with his stay at Las Palmas in Coco Beach.

Going fishing Mackerel and Roosters was an interesting adventure for all of us, the marine life in Costa Rica is amazing and if you've never been here you're definitely missing out!


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