Fishing Sailfish

June 6th, 2013

On our last adventure Mr. Rick White reserved our yacht Estrella de Mar for 2 full days for him and his Friends, all guests of the Riu Resort. Mr. Rick and company are experienced fishermen; they were looking for an adventure in which they could capture Mahi-mahis, Rooster fish and maybe going Fishing Sailfish. The first day we went out to open waters, putting all our knowledge into practice which resulted in the capture of a 50 pounds Rooster Fish and 20 mahis of about 15 pounds each (no luck with fishing sailfish this day)...

On the next day we left for Murcielago Islands looking for more adventure and at around 2:00 p.m. we began a long struggle for 30 minutes (it had to be something big because of its strenght... were we finally getting close to fishing sailfish? maybe...), after the long wait, we managed to capture it, it was a 100 pounds Sailfish that was sure the highlight of the trip of course (check the video below), we also manage to pull 25 Mahi-mahis and 5 tuna fish, this is the way we go out fishing in Costa Rica! Mr. Rick and his friends were very pleased with the experience provided by Fishing Adventures and decided to return in the future.

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