Fishing Surprise

May 10th, 2011

This was an entire day of fishing on board of the Ruler of the Sea joined by Mr. René Gallant and his sister in law who visited from Canada. Our fishing loving friends reserved several tours; we departed from Coco Beach at 7:00am not expecting much from the morning but boy were we wrong? At 9:00am we were reeling the first one, a famous mahi mahi, Mr. Gallant felt very pleased at the time; little did he know that only 90 minutes away we were gonna be fighting a huge rooster fishthat resisted for some good 30 minutes, everyone’s excitement was at the highest level since no one was expecting that much adrenaline and resistance. In the afternoon around 4 o’clock we picked up on two totally unexpected Jackfish, a fish that is commonly seen near the shore.

Our visitors classified the day as great and full of unexpected events that made this a fishing surprise, something that characterizes the adventure of fishing in Costa Rica and brings thousands of visitors from around the globe year after year.






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