Fishing Tour

July 30th, 2013

For this fishing tour we went on a full day with Mr. Joel Desalvo who was staying at RIU Palace, he is a very experienced fisherman who had very clear what his goals were, he contacted us 3 months in advance to reserve the Ruler of the Sea.

He said from day 1 that he wanted to go for a Sailfish, so when they day of his fishing tour arrived we went looking sailfish of course. We started tracking them using different techniques and proposals for fishing, as the hours went by we kept looking for our target, we started fighting the first one, this guy was not giving up and so we kept trying really hard until we lost it (Sailfish are very fast and violent), after a while we hooked another one who was just as fast as the other one and sadly we lost it as well but this was no reason to give up, we kept trying and trying until we hooked another one who fought fiercely but this time we finally managed to reel it in (third time's the charm), this one was 120 pounds and sure we were happy to accomplish the task requested, by the end of this fishing tour we had the Sailfish, 10 Mahi-mahis and almost a Wahoo fish that cut the line just before falling on deck.

Mr. Joel was very happy and satisfied with his fishing tour and the Fishing Adventures crew, he finished the tour telling us he was very proud of our team because we sure helped him accomplish one of his most important objectives of his vacation in Guanacaste!


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