Fishing with the kids

August 21st, 2012

For our latest fishing adventure we took off on a half day fishing tour with the Robinsons, departing from Villa Coco Sunset Hill, Mr. Robinson wanted to take his daughters on their first fishing tour of their life.

We started exploring at 7 in the morning; admiring the awesome views that Papagayo Gulf has to offer, after 3 hours we were all a little worried that nothing had appeared so far, the kids were probably wondering if they would actually get to see a fish getting reeled in at all.


A little before 11:00am we saw the first Mahi-mahi, had a good 10 pounds in size and we tried several kinds of bait with little luck so we switched to ballyhoo since the tour was almost reaching its end; after a lot of effort we nailed it, the kids were really excited, they were holding the fish with their hands and laughing and posing for the camera proud of their new story to tell their friends; these little girls will remember their first fishing adventure forever.

The tour was over at noon but by that time we had reeled 4 Mahi-mahis and a black tuna, all of them at the very last hour, Mr. Robinson was pretty surprised about it, he was glad they achieved their goal on such an exciting adventure, he sure had a blast fishing with the kids.

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