Full Days Fishing

June 8th, 2015


I took 2 full day tours with Fishing Adventures because the seemed like a world class company over the few others I found online, looked to me like a good option for what I was looking for, fun!

I was picked up in front of my hotel The Occidental Grand Papagayo each day with a different boat, we enjoyed great moments with their nice crew and I am really happy with my experience. I told the company’s manager that I wanted good fishing and that I would place all my faith in the captain.

I was completely surprised when we got the first moment, a huge sailfish and other fish I had never had the chance of fishing in my life, this made me feel big! Even the crew admitted these fish are not that common, this made my day and there were lots of emotions going on too.

The second day we went offshore and luck remained on our side letting me catch lots of other fish and what better than a beautiful Mahi-mahi, all of the tactics that were implemented worked flawlessly and I can assure you, the levels of excitement when fishing this way go way beyond, enough to make of this vacation a great memory. The Fishing Adventures crew became friends with us and I wish I didn’t have to leave Costa Rica but I’m really hoping to come back next year and have another blast.

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