Great Fishing

July 8th, 2013

This time we took off on a full day adventure with Mrs. Alicia Stary and her family on board of the Estrella de Mar this past July 13th, we picked them up at RIU Guanacaste; they knew what they were looking for and they knew they would find what they wanted, they also looked at different options but our boat the Estrella de Mar got their attention.

So we went out looking for some fish and as usual, we got some fish! Everybody was having fun out in the ocean, soon enough we had captured 1 sailfish, 4 45 pounder Mahi-mahis and some small black tip tuna near the cost of San Pedrillo in Papagayo which is 25 miles away from RIU Guanacaste.


Great fishing was the title Mrs. Stary used on her comment on tripadvisor and this is because they were really happy and satisfied with the unique experience they were expecting to have, they were all looking to reel in hard fighting fish and that’s what they accomplished, of course there was a lot of work involved since the fish were not giving up that easily but once they were in, everybody felt very enthusiastic about their catches, lots of pictures of their trophies!

At the end of the day, they assured us they would love to come back to Costa Rica and take another fishing tour with our company because they never thought they would have so much fun out in the water like they did, this was definitely another great fishing day.


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