Large Wahoo

October 16th, 2013

We had a great experience with Mr. Keith Nelson on a trip he booked for a promise he made to his kid, he had promised to take him fishing in waters that were full of large and beautiful species, he had also promised to make unforgettable catches and of course a day full of adrenaline, well, he couldn't have gone to a better place, we were ready to surprise them with some large wahoo and mahi-mahi catches, and once again, here at Fishing adventures we made it all possible and we even exceeded the expectations.

It was a beautiful morning when we met these incredible guys at Hermosa Beach Guanacaste, they were staying at Condovac La Costa and were ready to make it happen, we sailed at 7 a.m. sharp and before we noticed it was ten o’clock and our boat had already seen some good catches, a couple of good size mahi-mahis and other catches over 24 pounds apiece! Mr. Nelson said he was very happy about those catches because his son had just had a blast, but he didn’t even imagine that a 45 pound large Wahoo was on the way and ready to fight with soul and body, boy that was fun!!!

The craziness took over the boat, everybody was laughing and very excited, it was a beautiful fish and a real hard fight he gave us, Mr. Nelson said he was completely satisfied and very happy because he knew his kid was having the time of his life, with this being said we can proudly say “another job well done!”

Our new friends left the boat with a huge smile on their faces, they said they were truly happy with Fishing Adventures Costa Rica, they also said they appreciate our experience and dedication, and as many other happy customers they promised to come back, so long my friends, we will be waiting!

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