Lots of Fish

September 16th, 2013

Our new Canadian friend, Erik, made a three day reservation over two months ago! When we saw this reservation we knew these guys really knew what they want it, and we were right, they wanted to catch lots of fish. It was the early morning of our first day, September 21, when our new friends showed up, our crew was ready to show them a little of Costa Rica and a lot of our seas, we were ready for a busy day out, our coolers were full, our fishing poles ready and our crew was excited because we had been looking forward to meet this nice family for quite some time now.

Without too much of a notice we got down to business, wow these guys were good, shortly after leaving the shore we started seeing lots of fish coming out of the water, the mahi-mahi’s started piling up along with some beautiful black tunas, our new friends told us they were really happy, they said they had previously been fishing in Costarican waters but their previous experience was nothing compared to what fishing adventures was offering, and wait, that was only day number one!

So day number one went by smoothly, nice catches, nice people and great adventures, our crew went to bed early just to be ready for a new day in the office! Hahaha! It is our office!

For day number two we took the Estrella de mar yacht, we just knew it was going to be a great day, and boy we were right! This great family was ready to make a killing out of this day, and they did, just do the math, Three big and aggressive sailfish, who gave us a real big fight trying to get them off the water, a beautiful Marlin that wasn’t less aggressive than the sailfish and of course and endless count of Mahi-mahis to make it a great day. Not only it was a day with lots of fishbut it was a day with lots of stories to tell. This wouldn’t have been possible if Erik, his wife and our good friend Robert were not the professional fishermen family they are.

We were now ready for our last day in the water, for day number three we took the fishing adventures boat and we sailed for the big finale, our good friend Erik Mikkelsen told us about his numerous fishing trips on the Pacific Ocean and his numerous fishing records, he was very happy about the whole experience with fishing adventures and said that the last day catches, which went from 20 to 250 pounders, put him on the record board one more time. We did strive to get lots of fish on this trip, the final count of Mahi-mahi grew up to 28 and again, that was the Mahi-mahi count only.

For fishing adventures having such great relationship with our customers is priority number one, after these three days with this amazing family we didn’t feel we were saying good bye to another customer, we felt we were saying good bye to real friends, and when that happens we can proudly say that our job was a job well done, thank you very much Erik and family, we will be waiting to see you soon.

Our stories keep coming; make sure to contact us if you would like to experience the best fishing adventure in Costa Rica!

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