Monkey Head

December 21st, 2013

Wonderland is all about monkey head. It is one of the most dazzling rocks in papagayo. In this place, the beauty of our ocean is highlighted together with nature of the mountains. In this rock with green colors you can find great and stunning views of marine life. This point in the very near to the beaches and in the hotels of this area, tourists undoubtedly observe the natural beauty of its surroundings while staying at one of the best hotels. This will make you spend every minute adventure filled with many activities in the ocean as this rock is ideal for scuba diving and fishing including boating with family. You will definitely discover the Gulf of Papagayo navy and the coast to the peninsula forms papagayo. They are striking for the unique beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters full of untouched wilderness.


Monkey head is a very small island in Costa Rica. It is composed of many other islands and marine life that are renowned for the many activities. This place is around the island and it makes world full oceanic surfaces under different colours and features such as the thousands of snails hiding in the reefs giving more life to the vast wonder of the world ocean. It is one of the best havens for the adventurer and lover of nature. On this island you may also have the memory of the former life and present life because this it is a very solid architecture. It is formed by years that make it increasingly important for all who come near in the company of fishing adventures and have pure life.

Monkey head is an island very famous for its natural form that draws the attention of all visitors for its perfection in accurately with the head of monkey an original and real of the living nature.

Monkey head is located near to the top hotels of the gulf of papagayo. As it is andaz papagayo, the exclusive resort peninsula of papagayo. Four season resort are there. They are- allegro papagayo, villas sol, casa conde del mar, riu guanacaste hotel, hotel bahia pez vela and condos pacifico in beach coco.

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