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November 14th, 2013

When the Mathews family got in touch with us, we knew they were looking for a high adrenaline, but most important, a very professional offshore and inshore fishing trip, they said they had been looking for quite some time and finally found out what they were looking for when they found us on the web, they were ready to book an entire week fishing tour, no need to say but they take their fishing very seriously, the good thing is that so do we!

It was early in the morning on Monday November the 8th, the ocean was blue and beautiful, the weather was perfect, our new friends were staying at the Hotel Occidental Grand Papagayo, we picked them up right on time and once everybody was ready we sailed for an unforgettable week of high level offshore and inshore fishing tour in the Gulf of Papagayo.

The days went by and the emotions and memories kept on piling up, our new friends kept on bringing big fish out of the ocean and the laughter and good vibes have been always on board, this is what we call an excellent vacation time.

Our inshore fishing adventures had great results, no wonder why our new good friends Mark, Kathy and the rest of the guys were so happy with the fishing adventures experience, our offshore fishing adventure had an excellent rating as well, the Matthews family really knows their fish, we were bringing big tunas, large Mahi-mahis, they also caught lots of Mackerel fish and a whole lot of other species, it was an excellent tour, we were as happy as our new friends were.

After a whole week of intensive offshore and inshore fishing, this world class fisherman’s family said they were completely happy about the final results and said will be back in only two months, they kindly offered to make a good review of our services on trip advisor because “people should know about fishing adventures”, guys we really appreciate your words and loyalty, see you in a few weeks.

Our stories keep coming; make sure to contact us if you would like to experience the best fishing adventure in Costa Rica!

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