Offshore Fishing

April 22nd, 2013

For this offshore fishing adventure we had the company of Mr. Blake Morris who happened to be staying for a few days at the beautiful Guanacaste area at the Four Seasons Hotel. He contacted us and reserved almost an entire week of fishing from April 1st to April 5th, so we grabbed our stuff and sailed away on the Ruler of the Sea, Mr. Blake happens to be a great fishing lover, he came to us and told us he wanted to go fishing and that he knew that out there in the ocean anything can happen, the first days the fishing was not so good (we stayed inshore), we manage to catch a few red snappers though, there were others fishing nearby who didn’t even get that.

Mr. Morris was very understanding and we could tell he has experience as a fisher man, he came to us and told us we should go for something bigger, so on the third day we went offshore fishing for the whole day, that day we managed to catch 18 Mahi-mahis and a few black tunas, the day could not get any better, it was full of adrenaline and, on the words of Mr. Morris, “a unique Costa Rica experience”, he was eager to come back and go fishing with Fishing Adventures, he was completely satisfied with our services from day 1, he even recommended us to other people at the hotel who also booked a few tours and were very satisfied as well.

Offshore fishing was a great idea and it paid very well, as we’ve said it before, you just never know what to expect out in the ocean, sometimes you stay close to the shore and have a blast and sometimes you need to go offshore fishing as well, this is what makes fishing an awesome sport!


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