Peninsula Papagayo

February 3rd, 2015

The Gulf of Papagayo, best known for its bright, white-sand beaches and warm waters. The prestigious Papagayo Peninsula is located in the region  of Guanacaste, Costa Rica (northwest side), surrounded by volcanic landscapes of high rocky cliffs and high mountains of the Pacific Ocean. Its interior features tropical dry forests, rivers, waterfalls and lots of wildlife like monkeys and many exotic birds.

In recent years Papagayo has become an ecotourism destination in a larger scale, with several hotels like the Four Seasons and dozens of outdoor activities such as aquatic adventures.

The high season begins in December and ends in April, offering an excellent climate for visitors. The humidity levels increase in May, with brief daily showers until August. The official rainy season extends from August to November, highlighting the lush greenery of the peninsula.

Furthermore the Papagayo Peninsula is part of the many beaches of the Guanacaste region that are full of volcanic rock. Here you can enjoy your days lounging with an excellent ocean view, appreciating the natural marine life and wildlife around your resort, an exclusive gift that only Costa Rica offers worldwide.

The white sandy beaches are found around Bahía Culebra in the Peninsula of the Gulf  of Papagayo; including Papagayo Bay. Its three main tourist cities are Panama Beach, Hermosa Beach and Coco Beach. The three areas are renowned for their marine life as this attracts divers and people looking for adventures at sea, being sport fishing one of the most wanted tours.

Panama Beach is the most visited of the three because it’s the only one with a dark gray-brown shore, it also has high-end shops, restaurants and hotels along its northern side; though it is much quieter at its southern end, where riding or visit the volcanoes is a popular pastime.

Coco Beach is best known as a gathering place because of the wonderful experiences that you can live during the time of your visit, giving tourists worldwide, peace, because of the amazing blue water. You can also consider outdoor activities, you can take hikes in the forest surrounding the peninsula without even wondering too far from your hotel or resort, you can book a local zip line canopy tour or waterfall rappelling tour, even overnight trips to experience the nightlife.

Also you might find the Rincon de la Vieja volcano at only 50 minutes northeast of Papagayo, you could walk through meadows and evergreen forests up to the hot springs near the base of the volcano.




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