Playa Hermosa Fishing

November 12th, 2014

We took off on a half day tour with Jessica Hawley and husband looking for adventure; we picked them up at Villas del Sol on Playa Hermosa (Hermosa Beach), our clients had requested to go on after a famous Mahi-mahi fish, the weather wasn’t really helping much but we trust our experience a lot. Like at 9 in the morning we felt the first bites and a few minutes later we busted the first two Mahi-mahis, we used ballyhoo bait to get these, they usually like this bait a lot making them easier to get, we tried to use other baits like feather or rapala bait in the search of our targets as well.

After a while we went back to Playa Hermosa admiring the beauty of the distant Costarican shore as we were getting closer. That was the end of another fun day of adventure were everyone released stress and had a good time, until next time!



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