Professional Fisherman

November 16th, 2013

On the morning of November 15th we sailed on a brand new adventure with a couple of truly professional fisherman, this time it was Mr. Christopher Vanhulle and his lovely wife; this awesome couple booked with us two months before coming to Costa Rica, and according to their own words they made the right choice, “Fishing Adventures Costa Rica was able to meet our expectations”, another job well done!

Our new friends were staying at Riu Hotel, Guanacaste, they said they felt very confident booking with us thanks to the great reviews they found on Trip Advisor and the many fishing tours reports on our website, with that being said it is easy to understand that we needed to go above and beyond with these couple of professional fisherman, we understood that they were looking for the “good stuff”, no games, this is for real.

We had nothing but a lovely day that kept on getting better and better, just so our good friends that always follow us and read our reports understand why I keep on saying that the guys on board were truly professional fisherman, I would like to bring a few numbers up, in just a few hours the fish started piling up on the boat, the biggest ones were six Mahi-mahi’s that were 30 pounds each, and three tuna fish that were 4 pounds apiece, with them big catches and not taking into consideration the smaller fish they caught, it is easy to understand why I say what I say!!!

At the end it was another beautiful day in the incredible waters of the Guanacaste area, we are very thankful with the Vanhulle family, they said they will come back and even bring some friends over, in our end we let them know that we will be waiting with new adventures.

Whether you are a professional fisherman or a sport fishing aficionado, you can always count on Fishing Adventures Costa Rica for the fishing trip of your life, we’ll make sure you leave with a big smile on your face, ask around, we will be waiting for you!

Our stories keep coming; make sure to contact us if you would like to experience the best fishing adventure in Costa Rica!

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