Red Snapper Fishing

April 12th, 2012

We took a full day tour with Mr. Bruce William and his daughter on a sunny beautiful day departing at 7:00am out of Hermosa Beach towards Catalinas Islands, we started the adventure by reeling in a white tuna fish. After a while Mr. William started fighting against the fish he was expecting, a huge Red Snapper, king in his size since they tend to grow up to 25 kilograms, it is not easy to fight this fish since it is usually found on small rocky spots.

This Red Snapper grows so big because it is not the source of food for any other species in the ocean and it’s hard to get so no amateurs can find them or fish them.

We ended the day with great achievements and the William’s family was so happy with our service they reserved an extra snorkeling tour to admire all the wonders of the ocean...

Snorkeling in Nacascolo Beach.

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