The bests fishing charters in Coco Beach Costa Rica

April 26th, 2015

Miss Kassie Spoede contacted us one month in advance to learn from our adventures, we immediately responded to all of her questions and gave her a quick preview of what her journey at sea would be like in Costa Rica, we organized all of her adventure in a professional manner to provide her our excellent service as always.

This time we went with 2 groups in charters, which are very comfortable, have a huge cooler filled completely with different drinks, everyone can use it without restriction; both groups had many fish, but one of the boats was the boom of the day with 5 Mahi-mahis, 3 tunas and a huge wahoo of 70 pounds, the most outstanding catch, caught at the last minute, this is when great happiness exploded in all viewers.

We went to the beach and enjoyed a delicious lunch that the crew had prepared, "fresh barbecued fish", I assure you no one should miss this adventure with Fishing Adventures.



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