Wahoo Fish saves the day

June 8th, 2012

This day we took off on board of the Ruler of the Sea on a half day fishing tour around beautiful Coco Beach, the task: find an awesome fish, since one of our clients was celebrating a very special day he asked the crew to make the best we could to find that great fish, we did nailed it but not before going through hard times that forced us to use alternate methods that started working after putting a lot of effort and as time went by, the pressure was a heavy weight on our shoulders since we were on a half day tour, time was limited but our client Mr. Ed Villareal was patient and he waited, he knew he could trust in the experience of Fishing Adventures.

At around 8:30 in the morning things started to change since the first candidates were coming; a black tuna followed by 2 Mahi-mahis which was good but we knew he wanted more, we didn’t settle for that, so we kept trying, harder and non-stop and at 11 0’clock the best was coming; a great looking 22 pounder Wahoo fish. That was the best! and totally unexpected by Mr. Ed and his wife; we all couldn’t stop laughing, everyone was extremely excited and the adrenaline was at its highest level and this is something that only the excitement of the sport fishing and the ocean gives us, too many surprises for those who like adventure, those who go on tours with us and leave satisfied and appreciative of the great service we provide.

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