Adventures Pura Vida

Boat max capacity: 6 people

The Adventures Pura Vida represents our company, it has the best equipment and the highest quality standards on each trip, it’s captain Helberth, one of the oldest captains in the company which gives him lots of experience in customer service will make sure you have a wonderful day on any of our adventures in Costa Rica accompanied by the Fishing Adventures team.

We have the best equipment for you to enjoy the best fishing in Costa Rica, we have all the permits and insurance required by our government and we are ready to take you on a fishing adventure. Our pride, the Adventures Pura Vida is unique in style and safety features and is tested before going on tour, we can arrange full adrenaline tours or quiet rides for those who would like to fish and relax a little.

This is a 27 FT, Suzuki 150 Cabo Express 2009, boat. Completely made in the US and equipped with Shimano International rods with #50 reels.

Experience in-shore and off-shore adventure in Costa Rica!

And bring something for dinner, a few good shots and a good story to tell in the future. Check our reviews, our previous customers have some good things to tell about our services!

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