Mi sueño yacht charter Costa Rica

Mi Sueño is a Bertram 40 feet yacht, its powered by two engines,
caterpillar 360 each and an electric generator, in order to have all the
possible comfort, you can charge your electronic devices, we also offer
Wi-Fi for our clients, these features make our boat perfect for big
parties, due to its large space and latest technology but also because we
offer an open bar system with first class cocktails prepared for our
professional bartender, we will have 3 people of our crew on board in order
to give you the best service.

Mi sueño boat, it has a big and comfortable salon with air conditioner, 2
bedrooms, a full size bathroom with hot and cold shower, it also includes a
complete bar style kitchen, television and a super modern audio equipment.
It has been specially designed for bigger groups who dream of professional
fishing in one of the best fishing destinations in the world, due to its
warm weather all year and its abundant marine life; Costa Rica is great for
this activity. This yacht is built for inshore and offshore tours and can
take up to 8 anglers at the same moment (the first 8 included in the
price). It has 4 tuna tubes for live bait.

For these big especial groups, we have created a really special combo,
all-inclusive in one single adventure. We can have lunch in the beach, then
we can go fishing, having fun tubing for a while, we also can enjoy the
paddle board and to top it off you could enjoy the paradisiacal sunset in
the ocean, just imagine yourself in that beautiful scenery with an open bar
full of exquisite cocktails attended by our professional bartender, having
fun with your people, just resting, partying or fishing, everything is
possible in this amazing tour specially designed for you…. It also has a
full Tuna Tower, you are welcome on the tower with the Captain, where you
can see for miles and take pictures of friends, family and fish being
caught. What concerns to electronics and security this boat offers a full
complement of Garmin Electronics, sounder, 46 miles radar, GPS, VHF Radio,
EPIRB, Life Jackets and First Aid Kit. Tournament gear available: 50s, 25s
and 30s with 130# to 200# test line and the best custom made artificial
trolling lures and teasers available.

From the rake of the windshield to the drop in the sheer, the bertram 40
feet is well suited to the rigors of fishing Costa Rican waters. Combine to
provide a comfortable, dry ride in a seaway and a stable platform in the
trough. The design offers a very welcoming cooling airflow across the
command bridge and the pursuit yacht design has lots of seating under the
shaded canopy. It allows a 360 degree view of the surrounding waters and
cockpit (with fighting chair) so you won’t miss any of the action of
fighting that big sailfish or watching the many dolphin, sea turtles and
whales that are seen almost daily.

The bridge deck is clean and uncluttered with a wide, clear cockpit that
leaves plenty of room to fight any fish. LEE Fighting chair, PENN
,Gladiator and SHIMANO (In & Offshore), tuna tubes (Live bait), Live bait
wells, LEE Outriggers. The boat’s comfortable cruising speed gets you to
fishing grounds and back to your hotel quickly. Don’t miss the chance to
experience all the adventures that our Fishing Adventures team has prepared
for you and all the wonders that our beautiful country has to offer.