Fishing Season in Costa Rica

Fishing season in costa rica

This articles covers information about the type of fish you can find according to the fishing season in Costa Rica.

WHITE MARLIN Fair Good Good Good
BLUE MARLIN Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
BLACK MARLIN Excellent Good Good Excellent
SAILFISH Good Excellent Good Excellent
MAHI MAHI Good Excellent Excellent Excellent
YELLOW FIN TUNA Good Excellent Excellent Excellent
WAHOO Good Good Excellent Excellent
ROOSTERFISH Good Good Excellent Good
SNAPPER Good Good Excellent Excellent
SNOOK Good Good Good Good

Sailfish can be caught in our coasts during their migrating season, this goes from the month of November through July of every year; during these months they travel through the north pacific coasts and Gulf of Papagayo region, which secures great sport fishing times for those who visit Costa Rica looking for these beautiful species, their migration highest point occurs during the months of May and July, and it is, of course, the best moment to look for great sport fishing time adventure. These fish come to Costa Rica looking for the warm and calm waters of our north pacific region, in our rainy season those waters get even richer with of all of the food and nutrients that come down from the mountains, and that’s the reason for this important migration. Guanacaste is well known by expert fisher man across the globe, here at Fishing Adventures Costa Rica we are proud to deliver the best adventure trip you can get, so if you are interested in great Sailfish sport fishing take this advice into consideration while planning your next vacation.

Mahi Mahi

They can be found from May until early December, they come to our coasts searching for food, usually small squid and sardines, also to lay their eggs on the coasts where they will be safe from predators. You can find them between 3 and 10 miles offshore, they travel in shoals of 50 to 500 specimens.

Rooster Fish

This is a large fish, they can be found almost all year long on the coasts of Pacific Gulf of Guanacaste, this fish has strong skin, they are the main predators of small baits like sardines and ballihoos, Rooster fish are easy to catch during the sport fishing period. You can find them between 2 and 5 miles inshore.

Red Snappers

The length of this fish varies between 10 centimeters to 1 meter with weights between 2 to 20 kg, their habitat is located in the depths, close to the rocks where they can get food like sardines or squid. You can find them between 1 and 3 miles inshore, always in areas with rocks.

Black Tuna

These are small fish that can be found almost all year round no matter the weather conditions, they are always near the coast in large shoals of this species that vary between 100 and 300 specimens, its size is approximately 25 centimeters. They are easy to catch as they are present at all times, you can find them between 2 and 10 miles offshore in different random places.


This is a great fish that grows to a maximum 3 meters is very aggressive always looks troubled waters from August to November inshore harvesting is because it is the fastest predator near rocks has big teeth able to catch any fish this in front ,their physical quality is very striking and unique because it helps move in the sea ,is highly sought after by the category offered on the wheel fight and for its fine peerless filet with other fish.


This is a small fish beautiful physique is near the coast from February to July has descent of wahoo in the fiscal quality and meat but not fight much is highly sought after for their wonderful colors always catching small fish like sardines that his capture is very safe inshore.


This is a very strong fish capture is provided near the ocean but live bait your habitat is bat islands because there is most of the year because of the great wealth that has this area which makes it reproduced the most of your specie the do physical measure between about 2 meters and can weigh about 50 kilograms quality is first class is one of the most expensive fish in the world market.


This is the most aggressive fish in the world in this species there are 3 classes blue, striped ,white and all are very excellent to capture as a professional fisherman can last about 45 minutes in his struggle to get aboard this fish is between November and May in the area of the Pacific but never has an area defined as seeking the warm waters and clean to make your perfect hunting because its speed there is no living thing that escapes is the most interesting fish for world aficionado professional fishing in Costa Rica pure life.

The marlin grows to about 6 meters and capture occurs both inshore and offshore depending on the blue waters.

We hope this article can give you a clear view of the Fishing Season in Costa Rica, if you have questions feel free to contact us!

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