Beach Adventure

Fishing Adventures, Costa Rica

Fishing adventure would love for you to have a great vacation while in Costa Rica, be it with family, friends or your spouse and this is the reason why you have to consider this tour for your next beach adventure.

Who wouldn’t like to experience what fishing in Costa Rica really is? For those who are into adventure fishing, Costa Rica is either a must or a dream and keep reading because this might very well be the option you have been looking for.

First we will take time to do some exploring so you can see some beautiful beaches, some of them are even virgin land, now, if taking a quick swim in the ocean is your thing, be our guest! At all times our guide will be ready to assist you in any way, just so you can have some time to swim or relax in the crystalline waters of Papagayo’s coastline. Here you will be able to observe amazing aquatic and land views surrounding you at all times during this exciting beach adventure!

But wait, this is not all, there is still more mystery to unfold in the ocean… We’ve dedicated every minute of our experience so we can bring a top-of-the-line experience so you can have a blast in our side of the world; after the beach exploring, the swimming or snorkeling (equipment available), we’ll go back to shore where we will have a great moment to taste delightful snacks prepared naturally at the beach by our cooks, here you will have hammocks and sun chairs if you would like to relax for a while or why not? Take a while to gain back some energy a nap for a few minutes.

After this break comes a fun and exciting tubing (boat pulled) and a wakeboard tour and a stand up paddle class, these 3 activities can be performed by anyone as they are easy to do.

So what are you waiting for, if you are ready for our beach adventure, just drop a line and say “pura vida Costa Rica” or book now and we’ll be heading to shore in the same amount of time it takes to say PURA VIDA Costa Rica!

Tour inclusions

  • 4 types of beer, lots of natural juice and soda
  • Barbecue style lunch with a specialty of international sea food and salad
  • Natural drinks, sodas and water
  • Rum and wines
  • Snack, fruit and pastries
  • Volleyball


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