Full Day Sport Fishing Tour

Fishing Adventures, Costa Rica

A full day looking for the best fishing spots around!

Do you dare to go on a Fishing Tour the whole day? You don't know what you're missing! Embark yourself in a passionate journey in a comfortable luxury boat with all the necessary fishing gear for a day full of adventure. Departing from any beach from the Gulf of Papagayo and going nearby all the bays of Santa Rosa National Park until we arrive to Murcielago‚Äôs Islands, an must see spot in the area where you can discover both marine and terrestrial biodiversity by spotting a great deal of animals near the shore of the National Park making a great mixture of fishing with nature.

On this great Fishing Tour you will explore the best of Costa Rica in one day with everything included, an outstanding customer service from the minute you place a reservation with us and a safe and natural full day of adventures where we'll go 35 miles away from the beach and we'll practice trolling, bottom fishing, casting, fly fishing and live bait fishing.

Fishing Adventures paves way to practice both inshore and deep sea fishing tours. We always ensure good fishing experiences as we are a company of great prestige who offers unique customer service experiences for both professional and non-professional fishermen. It is important for us to promise excellent fishing adventures to our clients by offering them boats of high quality. As your happiness is our main concern, our work is Pride for everyone.

Tour inclusions

  • Stereo Sound System
  • Buffet style lunch
  • Life Jackets
  • 4 types of beer, lots of natural juice and soda
  • Bathroom
  • Drinks, sandwiches, rum & beer
  • Radio Communication
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Snacks and Fruits
  • Snorkeling Equipment


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