What Can You Fish in Costa Rica?

What can you fish in Costa Rica

Have you ever wanted to expand your fishing experiences onto new places around the globe? Have you ever considered fishing in the exotic tides of Central America and have you ever wondered about what it would be like to go on a fishing adventure in Costa Rica but don’t know exactly what you will be reeling into the boat? Well, if that’s the case let us explain what can you fish in Costa Rica!


The sailfish, a large fish of around five meters, admired for its physical features, is most of the year in the Pacific areas because of its wealth in baits, for this reason they always stay in exuberant and calm waters that are great for this type of fishing, which by the way is practiced daily by a large number of fans of the sport, this kind of fishing is done with bait fish such as ballyhoo and duster bait which are always a no miss by this species, this makes a very safe fishing for those looking to set the fish free afterwards.

Rooster fish

Rooster fish, admired for their colorful species and large ridges that make them worthy of their name, there are many sizes, you can find between ranges of 50 centimeters and 6 meters long and weighing about 40 kilos in average, Rooster fish can be found mostly in summer season in search of high speed lures, they are used to secure your catch and then release them. Many of them are found in large numbers between 15 and 50 fish per group, you can see them very close the coast which makes the fishing easy and little time consuming for the amateur or pro that practices it.

Tuna fish

Tuna fish, black or white is a very abundant species that can be found throughout the year, their thick skin and scales are not affected by the temperature of the water which makes a good safe fishing for all seasons, when fishing Tuna fish trolling and casting can be practiced.


A very popular fish in Costa Rica, located in very strategic places of specific temperature, they look for baits that are not very deep in the water and that travel in great numbers since mahi-mahis are heavy and slow. They are found only in winter and early summer because when ocean waters warm they look for a new habitat for mating, which occurs annually, this means that every year there are very good fishing opportunities when going for Mahi-mahi. You can capture them with sophisticated Rapalas and dusters, these fish come to light among others for its splendid color and shape that clearly identifies it despite its size that goes between 1 and 3 meters, fishing mahi-mahi does not give a great fight to the amateur or the predator. The Mahi-mahi is highly sought after for its high-quality filet.

Jack fish

The Jack fish is well known by many in the field of fisheries; is a successful example that offers a wonderful fight for any lover of fishing. It is about 2 meters long, great speed and depth, you can spot them most of the year in the area, always close to the coast in search of highly prized small species, the Jack is captured about 2 miles from shore using trolling and casting with poppers or flies, all these species are deceivers for the big fish in the sport of fishing in Costa Rica and are used by professionals around the world.

Red Snapper

If you want to fish in Costa Rica and would like to go for Red Snappers, we can take you there, you can find them in large quantities, they usually live in rocky areas and reefs since they eat in caved areas, they go after squid and sardines, you can find them around 3 miles away from the coast and around 80 meter deep in the water, fishing for red snapper is commonly know is bottom fishing with bait or Jiggy, they can grow enough to reach 60 centimeters and weight between 5 and 20 kilograms, they are known for their exportation into the international markets, their filet is exquisite and it is among the best in the world even though they are not too big, their white meat has great texture and it is not too hard to fish since it is available in the pacific area during the entire summer, the only aspect that affects their fishing is the wind since you have to stop in one spot for a better performance.

Wahoo fish

A hard to find fish because of the way they hunt for fish, it can only be found on the north side of the Gulf of Papagayo between august and November, they will be looking for dirty waters full of rich marine life, this is a very large fish that tends to be a little aggressive and great for fishing because of their fighting style and the quality of their meat. Its long shape allows it to swing at high speeds and it has very sharp teeth and it is always looking for squid and ballyhoo. They are between 50 centimeters and 4 meter long and weight around 30 kilograms.

We hope you have a better understanding of the fish in Costa Rica and if you are ready to experience the adventure contact us today!

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