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Go on a Fishing Trip in Papagayo

This is the perfect Fishing Trip for those who seek great emotions and those who enjoy high quality fishing with experienced personnel, aimed at those who don't want to go on a full day but think a half-day tour is not enough, we can do other thing besides fishing in this trip like snorkeling or go exploring the beaches in the area.

Our fishing trip tour is by far our customers favorite tour, not only because everybody always enjoy the great amenities we offer in our boats but because a great fishing day is always guaranteed, our customers have always complimented the fact that our crew is very knowledgeable of the sea and that we have put together a very suitable schedule, inshore fishing in the morning time and offshore fishing towards the afternoon, making sure that we are always where the big fish are.

When we are out fishing the day tends to be a very short day, but that's what happens when you are having lots of fun, isn't it? But regardless the fact that time goes by flying when you are having fun we can guarantee that you will have plenty of memories of your snorkeling, beautiful beaches visited, the awesome views of the flora and fauna of the area and of course the great catches and the fun you had on board with us.

If you want to be has happy as many other customers have been in the past while visiting Costa Rica, don’t forget to book this fishing trip with fishing Adventures Costa Rica, Pura Vida

Tour inclusions

  • Stereo Sound System
  • 4 types of beer, lots of natural juice and soda
  • Barbecue style lunch
  • Bathroom
  • Drinks, sandwiches, rum & beer
  • Life Jackets
  • Radio Communication
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Snacks and Fruits
  • Snorkeling Equipment


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