Half Day Sport Fishing Tour

Fishing Adventures, Costa Rica

Take the middle of the day to do some fishing, brag about it the other half

Our Half day Sport Fishing tour is a short 6 hour adventure, 10 miles away from the beach at your pick up location were you can do some trolling and bottom fishing and ensure a clean and sportive fishing since the fish don’t get hurt, you can just send them back to swimming in the blue Costarican ocean. You can catch the famous rooster fish usually found near the coast all year round no matter how the water temperature is, most rooster fish weight between 33 and 88 lbs., a great quality that professionals in art of Sport Fishing often look for.

Fishing Adventures paves way to practice both inshore and offshore fishing tours. We always ensure good fishing experiences as we are a company of great prestige who offers unique customer service experiences for both professional and non-professional fishermen. It is important for us to promise excellent fishing adventures to our clients by offering them boats of high quality. As your happiness is our main concern, our work comes at a very affordable price.

Tour inclusions

  • Stereo Sound System
  • 4 types of beer, lots of natural juice and soda
  • Barbecue style lunch
  • Bathroom
  • Drinks, sandwiches, rum & beer
  • Life Jackets
  • Radio Communication
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Snacks and Fruits
  • Snorkeling Equipment


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